Very romantic love story in Warsaw

Ola and Maciek met at work and as they describe themselves “they were connected by a passion for beautiful frames, good music, bad jokes and adventures that they experience while making movies of couples”.

Ola is totally passionate about everything she does, you can’t be bored with her! One time she went to buy some bread for breakfast in the morning and came back with… accordion (which Maciek likes to play from time to time).

The small doggo on the pictures is called Drops – they took him from shelter some time ago and it’s cute and a bit shy. That day he didn’t understand why he is allowed lay on the bed and definitely he was confused with this situation. He loves all the people that are willing to pet him and give him attention.

Ola and Maciek runs a company together and they create unforgettable weddings movies – check out their website!

EVERY AGE – José González