Cuddling in the morning mist

We met just after I’ve arrived in Katowice and it was cold early morning. For our destination place we choose Las Murckowski but during our trip there we’ve decided that the scenery is too beautiful to pass so we stopped half way as we found a wonderful glade and totally fell in love with this place.

Zuzia and Maciej usually meet during the weekends as they live in different towns, but the distance of around 350 km is not scary for them. They just got engaged so probably they will finally have time for each other every day. Positive energy radiates from them all the time and they can find bright sides of every situation . Being together and living in different towns taught them to appreciate every moment when they meet and use their time to the fullest.

Turn the music on and move with us to the autumn glade.

SOKO – We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow